European Green Activist Training

In the second half of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 Ecopolis Foundation, together with 4 other organizations was partner in the transnational project Green Train ​Across Europe (Europeanising Green Activist Training part 3) of the Green European Foundation (GEF). The aim of the project was to train green activists, particularly young ones, on green politics and activist skills in national and European level, furthermore to multiply the experience to other green foundations and similar organisations.

Our national activist training completed with a field trip to Brussels was announced in July 2016 and the deadline for applications was 12 September. In the framework of the Hungarian training we organised 3 training days in October and November. We had interesting lectures of and exciting discussions with
- Meszerics Tamás (Member of European Parliament, European Greens / LMP),
- Perneczky László (former international project manager of Ecopolis Foundation),
- Schiffer András (former co-chair and leader of the LMP Parliamentary group),
- Ungár Péter (European Greens Board member),
- Vasali Zoltán (political scientist, university teacher) and
- Edouard Gaudot (European Greens Advisor).

After these training days we visited the Hungarian Parliament with MP Szél Bernadett, member of LMP.

The four-days study trip to Brussels took place at the end of January 2017. The 17 Hungarian activists – together with the project partners’ groups – participated at an official presentation of the European Parliament, visited the Parlamentarium, the European Commission and green NGOs.

Through the GEF project the participants of Europeanised Green Activist Trainings in different countries gained knowledge of European politics, learned to debate on the European topics and to network with each other internationally.